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Andean cock-of-the-rock.

A generalized maniraptor with male Andean cock-of-the-rock plumage. I did not research maniraptor anatomy exhaustively, but I did try to keep the gist correct (clappers not slappers, approximate ratios of body parts, etc.). Please do not take this to be in any way a scientifically accurate reconstruction, is my point—I wanted to paint a maniraptor with a poofy face.

This is the most recent post from a little side project I am working on to 1) improve my digital painting skills/speed 2) exercise a little creativity and 3) keep me sane when I am not at work.  The great majority of the Birdbeasts are not scientific in any way shape or form, but if there happens to be some overlap in my followers between people who like birds and people who like fantasy stuff, this blog may be of interest: Feel free, if you are interested, to submit asks with birds you would like to see beasted! :)

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